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What are free polyphonic ringtones

Free Polyphonic ringtones come in midi or mmf format. Creating quality free polyphonic ringtones is less about mobile phone technology than it is about music composition. When our tones are created we cannot merely take a short section of an MP3 tune, run it through a file conversion process, and expect to come up with competitive content.

There are frequency limitations when composing ring tones. We need to consider the general register of the device and also understand the polyphony level, or number of simultaneous voices, available on each handset. For example, Nokia 7210 and Nokia 3510 handsets support four simultaneous tones (polyphony level 4), while Nokia 7650 has a polyphony level of 24.

Where Can I get a free polyphonic ringtone

The following sites offer free polyphonic ringtones

Free Polyphonic Ringtones - for free ringtones in mmf and mid format. For more free ringtones including mid, rttl and keypress have a look at Free Ringtones they have even more so between the two sites you should find the ideal tune for your mobile.

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