About Free Ringtones

By popular request here is some information about free ringtones

What are free ringtones

Free ringtones come in many formats, older models of phone use keypress, (Nokia)rttl or tones can be added using the phones inbuilt composer. More modern phones are able to take polyphonic midi or mmf format. Many sites claim to offer free ringtones but many impose a charge so beware.

Where Can I get a free ringtone

The following sites offer free ringtones

Free Ringtones - www.free-ringtones.uk.com for free ringtones in rttl, composer, keypress, mmf and mid format.

For a selection of 100% free ring tones visit www.freering-tones.co.uk You can get thousands more to download straight to your mobile when you join their WAP free ring tone subscription service, have a look at the Free Ring Tones on each page to find something special for your phone.

Info Pages

I'm a great lover of my mobile phone so I've put together some information that will be useful to you together with some links to the best sites I've found, here they are;

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