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Thanks to Polyphonic Ringtones for providing the hosting for this site, now for the mayo run down

We all know how difficult it can be to choose the correct mayonnaise for that very special occasion. We also know of all the unforseen pitfalls and dangers that an innocent trip to the grocers can bring. Will the hue of the mayonnaise clash with the bride's dress? Will my boss give me that promotion when I bring round a jar of Hellman's to his dinner party? Will unnecessary offence be taken at your low grade choice of condiment, causing decades of inter familial strife? To that end, The World of Mayonnaise has embarked upon a long and arduous mission to sample, taste, prod and poke mayonnaise from all corners of the globe (and seemingly Belgium in particular).

To best trawl our vast and ever expanding culinary chip shop of a database for that elusive battered cod, gherkin and chips of true enlightenment, we recommend that you browse page by page via the New Sauce link below, for a beguilingly disjointed yet perversely coherent narrative of epic post modern proportions. This is Finnegan's Wake with potassium sorbate after all. Also, for those impatient types amongst you, there exists the ability to link straight through to your desired sauce from the comprehensive list of shame and delight contained below.

New Sauce
Asda less fat
Asda Farm Stores
Bar Bar Wacky West Coast Mango
BeloliveOh so new!!!
De Rit Organic
Delouis Fils Fresh
Devos LemmensSo very very new!!!
Epicure Original
Fortnum and Mason Traditional
Happy Shopper
Hellmann's Light
Kite Wholefoods
Llangloffan Garlic Mayonnaise Dip
Martin Pitt
MeridianQuite new relatively speaking!!!
Morrisons Bettabuy
Organic OMayo!
Portion Pak
Rackhams Original
Rakusen's Real
Safeway Garlic
Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself
Sainsbury's French
Simply Delicious Organic
Somerfield Healthy Selection Reduced Calorie
St Michael
Tesco Tarragon and White Wine
Vita d'Or
Waitrose Wholegrain Mustard
Welsh Farmhouse with Coriander and Lime

Brentford Pub Classic
Sainsbury's Fresh Ideas
Gunnersbury Park, March 2001, Weather mild
Micro Pack

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